SEO For Estate Agents: Finding a solution to your content marketing

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SEO For Estate Agents: Finding a solution to your content marketing


Content marketing is simply to engage with current and potential customers through its content. Delivering high-quality, relevant, interesting and insightful information to customers can help customers see what a reliable source you are which will in turn drive profitable consumer actions and benefiting your business in terms of holding the readers attention and improving brand loyalty. 

The longer you can keep a potential customer on your website the more likely they are to spend and reuse.

Here’s a little scenario:

Someone is searching on Google for “flats for sale in Camden” and after scrolling through all the boring site titles finds an article on “best pubs in Camden” written by X estate agent based in Camden. The consumer will be drawn into the website and once having read the article will move onto the clearly situated appealing “Property Navigation” button. This scenario can expand to the costumer having seen the article having been “retweeted” on Twitter or “liked” on Facebook by a friend and having the same conclusion.

In order to get the best results with your content marketing, here are some steps to help you in the right direction:

  • Clarify your Goals – writing for the sake of writing won’t get you anywhere. Set up your goals, you may want to inform the customers, it may be strictly for SEO purposes or it may be to optimise for a new keyword. Whatever it is make sure it is clearly laid out in front of you before you start writing.
  • Who’s your target audience? – What are your customers going to be looking for? Who are you trying to engage? What age groups are they? Supporting the customer needs and interests is a key point for content marketing.
  • Keywords – don’t forget to add in your keywords.
  • Promote promote promote! – there is no point of writing an article no ones going to read and getting the word out there has never been easier with the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. So extend your reach and engage customers where they are.
  • Socialise – try to connect with your audience and grow your online presence.  
  • Measure and refine – identify what people like to read about, what articles get retweeted a lot, what articles keep the customers engaged and what ones are duds. Track what’s working and what’s not, test and make improvements.

Find out what works for you and expand your reach!

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant