Seize the power of the sound for your mobile

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Seize the power of the sound for your mobile


Following the recent articles on smart phones, we noticed this press release from Orange unveiling a t-shirt for the festival season that harnesses the power of vibration to charge your mobile phone.

Now we all know that although smart phones are smart, but they have as much energy as the losing bunny on the Duracell bunny adverts.

Using it constantly means that some phones won’t make it to the end of the day whilst others won’t make it through the night. If this sounds true, we suggest reading How to improve your iPhone battery life.

Luckily Orange has come up with the answer – Orange Sound Charge.

Incredibly instead of using solar power, this t-shirt uses vibrations from speakers to absorb and then convert into electricity for your mobile. Currently only at Glastonbury, the Sound Charge t-shirt is still in development for wider commercial use.

This would be a perfect present for those Estate Agents that like to play their music a little too loud…

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant