Secret Santa ideas for 2012

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Secret Santa ideas for 2012

It’s coming up to that time of year again when you pick out one of your fellow colleagues names from a hat and have to think up some witty or useful presents to buy them. So here are some of our favourites to get you inspired this year:

The Social addict

For the social networking addict in the office, why don’t you treat them to some social office supplies that may come in handy.

Like/Dislike Stamps: £9.99

Like Tea Mug: £5.99

And to finish off the collection –

Like/Dislike Cufflinks: £12.99

The office joker –

Musical piano tie: £9.99

You could treat the office comedian to this novelty tie which could make going back to work in the New Year a little easier.

The grumpy boss –

If you can’t make fun of your boss at Christmas then when can you...

The grumpy old git’s guide to life: £9.99

Grump old git sucks: £4.00

Gadget geek –

Every office has one or more technology geeks but finding gadgets within the Secret Santa budget can be tricky. Here are two examples of fun gadgets:

Touch pad pencil: £7.99


Knitted beanie headphone hat: £9.99

The Golf “Pro” -

Again what Estate Agency doesn’t have at least one avid golfer? Treat them to a few laughs on the course...

The golf ball finder glasses: £9.99

Or stick with the classic

Novelty golf balls: £7.99