Rightmove to relaunch with a Responsive Website

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Rightmove to relaunch with a Responsive Website

With mobile now dominating the web it is no surprise that Rightmove is gearing up for a major revamp of their website and they are finally going responsive.

They are doing this huge website upgrade due to the fact that over half of Rightmoves visitors are now viewing property listings from their mobile website and app.

Currently, Rightmoves responsive website is still in the beta testing stage; however the feedback from the early testing have been very positive according the Jason Bushby, Commercial Director at Rightmove.

He states that the new technology and redesign “will see more than double the exposure on average.”

Their next step is to continuing testing their new responsive website on a larger group of users before making the finishing touches and releasing it to the public.

The beta testing is said to be expected to run into November.

Agents will be made aware of these changes to the redesigned and upgraded website and be given the opportunity to see it first before it is made live.  

Mobile has continued to increase year on year and now dominates the market, which has led Rightmove to use new technology to help estate agents achieve more exposure of their brand and properties listed via smartphones and tablets.

Rightmove currently have two separate websites for mobile and desktop but with this new technology Rightmove will be just one seamless website that can adjust to fit any screen size delivering the best user experience possible, no matter what device you are using.

James Micklethwait, head of product development at Rightmove, said “We believe that these changes will make Rightmove an even more compelling search experience and make the advertising products even more engaging.”

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Luke Stanley