Quick social media tips for Commercial Agents

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Quick social media tips for Commercial Agents

Commercial Agents and Chartered Surveyors looking to integrate social media into their overall marketing strategy for the first time may find these 6 tips a good starting point.

1. Embrace It – Either do it or don’t bother. A half-hearted effort will deliver no value to your business in the long-term. It could even convey a negative impression of your business. Nevertheless, don’t expect instant results.

2. Look from your audience perspective – What the audience is interested in could be different from what you want to talk about. Also, pushing sales messages tends to turn people away from you. In social media, your audience will want something of value, so what useful insight into the commercial property sector can you impart.

3. Humanize – It’s a social platform, people respond to personalities so make sure that you convey that in you social media activity. If you haven’t got a personality, what are you doing in Commercial Property!?

4. Goals and objectives – Identify goals where social media can actually deliver. And be sure that you have a clear understanding what you what to achieve in the social space. It will give focus to your activity, make it easier to manage and help with evaluation.

5. Align social media to your business, not your business to social media.

6. Integrate – Don’t sit your social media activity out in a silo all by itself. It needs to be a whole integrated part of your overall marketing campaign. Its simply another marketing channel, that like any other has unique characteristics that need to be understood and utilised.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant