Power nap in the office with the Anti-gravity chair

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Power nap in the office with the Anti-gravity chair


It is widely accepted that power naps improve mental performance. So much so that even a whole country is famous for its afternoon naps or ‘siesta’, but it is not just Spain that follows this afternoon nap tradition - amazingly 30 countries are listed for dozing in the afternoon.

With the summer heat looming (it will come… eventually), I would like to suggest that the UK adopts the siesta philosophy.

During the sleepy period after lunch, we will embrace an afternoon snooze instead of our daily caffeine injection, which many expect that it fuels their insomnia at night.

This is all well and good, you may say, but most people can’t just ‘pop’ home just to sleep.

This is where Estate Agents need the Gravity balans® in their office.

Like most ergonomic chairs, The Gravity balans® is designed to make you feel as if you’re floating in mid-air and the perfect position to catch a few z’s. The Gravity balans® doesn’t just let you recline but is able to sit upright in order to do your work.

It comes in two colours Black and Navy Blue and will set you back a substantial £1,173.00 – something that’ll keep you awake at night.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant