Optimise your estate agency for multiple locations

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Optimise your estate agency for multiple locations

It is important to properly optimise your estate agency website when you have more than one office location.

The best practice for this is to have unique, individual pages optimised for every office location your business has. By separating these locations giving them their own pages allows them to rank individually and be more relevant to local searches.

How to optimise for multiple locations:

Set up a page for each location, you will now need to do the following to optimise each individual office page to boost your search engine rankings.

1. Every office gets its own page

Google has stated that to maximise your offices relevance, the best practice is to give them their own individual pages with unique and optimised content and URLs.

2. Interlink location pages

Your office pages should be linked to and from the homepage. Also you should use anchor text throughout the office pages to your other office pages to help pass the link juice throughout your website.

3. Increase backlinks

Find ways to attract people to link directly to your individual office pages. The more links the individual pages have the better they will perform in the local search results.

4. Maintain consistency

It is very important to list the offices name, address and phone number within its individual page. It’s not only important to be consistent within your website but also the online local business listings such as Google Places. This allows Google to indentify local citations more easily.

5. Create local listings

Be sure to create a Google Places listings as well as other online business listings for each local.

By following these simple rules, none of your offices will suffer from poor rankings within the search engines.