Office gadgets for Estate Agents

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Office gadgets for Estate Agents

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a gadget of the week so we’ve decided to provide you with a few gadgets to sink your hungry electronic teeth into. We have strived to find Estate Agents the most unique gadgets to use around the office.


A little proud of their achievements, the T’Light was named by its designer as ‘The Most talented Light’. The sleek light has an iPod/iPhone dock base, a USB charger pot and a port for charging laptops.

This gadget is really for the Apple user since it is able to charge Estate Agent’s Mac Book, iPhone and iPad all at once. You know what they say, an apple a day...

Lighten up your life with the charge of - £57

Control a Boss

Some bosses are out of control and with the ‘Control-a-Boss’ you a make sure that you get peace and quiet that you’ve always wanted. With this control you can turn them off or press ‘Give Pay Rise’ button. Never go unhappy at work ever again.

Note: This control only works in your mind and sadly it will not produce any real life pay rises – we’ve tried.

Don’t let this control your bank balance with a price of - £4.95

Man-Flu Rescue kit

Man-flu has now been recognised by the Wimp Health Organisation (WHO) as a pandemic affect working men around the office space. They need regular attention and this Man-Flu kit to safely nurse them back to health.

This kit comes with an ice-pack, thermometer and pad of sick notes to give them much needed time off – the poor souls.

Be nice to your male colleagues with - £6.95

Tight A*se Wallet

Not much to say here apart from that we all know one. This high quality leather wallet is just a normal wallet except it comes with the 10 commandments of tight A*ses.

A joke present, Estate Agents must not give this to their boss in hopes of a raise – it will not work.

Hopefully this won’t hit a ‘bum’ note costing - £12.95

Optoma Pico PK-101 projector

A little more serious now, this projector fits in your pocket and is no bigger than a pack of cards. Estate Agents can whip this out on a viewing, meeting or even down the pub. It even allows you to project movies!

Not exactly cheap, it will set Estate Agents back £149.99.