New Website links for the SERP’s and how it can help estate agents

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New Website links for the SERP’s and how it can help estate agents

This week Google launched a new structuring for its SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) in order to improve the organisation and quality of the search results.

The Website links are the two columns of links that appear under your homepage link to help users navigate deeper into your website easily. The links chosen are generated and ranked by Google’s algorithm based on the linking structure on your website and will only appear if it is seen as being useful to the user.

So what’s different and how has it improved?

Visibility: The link has been made clearer, the size of the text is now the same as the Title tag, and the URL is green with a one line description. This has been done to resemble the regular search results to make it clearer and easier for the user to understand. This also makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for.

Flexibility: The lists of site links are no longer fixed. The website link selection and ranking can change from query to query, to be more relevant to the search term.

Quality: Due to combining of the signals in which generate the website links structuring, Google has improved the quality of the links shown by creating a unified algorithm.

How this can benefit Estate Agents

With Google’s latest change to the Search Engine Results Page, it makes your website a lot clearer before the user has even clicked through to your website. This makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

This is what your Estate Agency website looks like on the Search Results page:

Here are some ways it can benefit you as an estate agent:

Getting users onto Property Search Faster –

The main reason you want people on your website is to look at the properties you’ve got on the market. This is the reason your property search function is so prominent on your homepage.

Google can obviously see that this is crucial link on your homepage making it rank at the top of the website links. This will allow users to get to your property search function quicker and easier.

Building awareness for office locations -

Most users don’t usually hang around when they are searching through a website, meaning they miss out on a lot of information that may be of interest to them like office locations.

With the offices clearly labelled on the search engine results page, users may see that there is an office closer to their location or even closer to the area they want to move to.

Promoting your properties –

Luckily for Estate Agents, the most expensive properties in your portfolio will also show up in the SERPS. The more visibility on the web, the more that they will receive traffic. The more traffic that they receive, the more likely it will spark potential buyer’s interest to delve further into your website…

As this is a key link on your homepage, Google may include these in its Search Results links.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant