New Twitter profiles but are the top brands switching over?

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New Twitter profiles but are the top brands switching over?

Twitter has released its new Twitter profiles allowing you to be more creative with your header image. Similar to Facebook and Google+ cover photos, Twitter has now followed with this new header design allowing you to make your profile a little more personal and original.

The change only takes a few minutes to switch from the previous format.

How to change?

1. Log onto your Twitter account
2. Settings
3. On the left navigation click on the “Design” tab
4. Scroll down to “Customize your own”
5. Click on “Change Header”
6. Then “Change existing image”
7. Select an image
8. Resize the image to how you see fit
9. And click save

Surprisingly even though such a simple switch over, less than 10% of the top active brands on Twitter have changed their profiles to this new layout which was announced a week ago.

However this doesn’t necessarily mean that the brands are resisting the upgrade. Facebook’s Timeline had a similar slow change over rate as two weeks after Facebooks announcement of its Timeline availability only 25% of brands had made the switch over.

So be the first estate agency in your area to update their profile to the new Twitter header layout.

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