New intelligence feature coming to analytics

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New intelligence feature coming to analytics


Good news! Google has just announced that it will be improving its Google analytics feature! Great news for estate agents that use analytics to track the entry, movement and trends on their estate agent website. Google claim that there will be superior customization, a more powerful reporting facility, and a new intelligence engine. The new intelligence engine means that it will be able to help estate agents look deeper into their website.

Currently Google Analytics lets estate agents:

  • See how many visitors you've had
  • How long visitors have been on your website
  • The location of the visitor
  • How the property searcher entered/found your site
  • What they typed into a search engine to find you
  • Popular properties that have been accessed.

Now this new intelligence engine will notice particular trends or interesting data that might be useful for you and present them in daily alerts or automatic alerts. The alerts can be setup to make them alert you more or less often. Estate agents are also able to create custom alerts that let agents be notified every time a pre-defined event occurs.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'All of our customers are given access to a Google Analytics account so that they can personally overview the data for their estate agent website. This shifts power away from the web developers into the hands of the estate agents themselves. Any questions are answered in full by our friendly support staff.'

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