Mother’s Day gadget gifts

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Mother’s Day gadget gifts

For one day a year we make sure that we show our mothers how much we love them with cards, gifts and maybe even a family meal.

Sadly this is only one day out of the 365 days in the year that we commit to our mothers. Therefore we should then make an extra special effort to show our appreciation for the time and dedication that they have shown us throughout the years.

We have then compiled a list of our tech top 5 Mother’s day gifts.


Does your mum like reading? Released in 2007, the Amazon Kindle is an e-book or electronic book reader that not only downloads books, but allows the user to read each book and then bookmark their place for later use.

The Kindle is a tiny 247 grams (less than a paperback), a battery life of one month, space for 3,500 books and downloads books in an outstanding 60 seconds.

Currently the Kindle comes in two versions. Wi-Fi is priced at £111.00, or with 3G for £152 which allows users to download whilst on the go.

iPod Nano

Whether you are at the gym or simply on the go, digital music players have taken the world by storm.

They are now becoming smaller and smaller in weight and size with increasing amounts of songs being crammed into every single one.

With an incredible weight of 21 grams, the iPod Nano can hold 2,000 songs for the 8 GB or 4,000 songs for the 16 GB.

With a 1.5 inch colour display it has a whole 24 hours of playback time when fully charged.

Robotic Vacuum

Were you a messy child? Similar to the robot vacuum article, you can make it up to your hard working mother with a robot that will vacuum the entire room for her.

Prices have now come down and the cheapest automatic robot vacuum is now an astonishing £59.90, but for more advanced models, Estate Agents should expect to pay around £150-£250.

Some come with ‘virtual wall barriers’ that stop these little cleaners from going any further whilst others are designed to mop your kitchen floor.

Just imagine her face when you hand her a robot that will automatically clean for her. Put on your futuristic robot voice and repeat after me, ‘The future is here’.

Pure Evoke Mio DAB digital Radio

This DAB radio by Orla Kiely is simply a beautiful radio with all the technological trimmings that any music lover would like.

Not only does it have a DAB digital radio, but it has an iPod or portable music player input as well as an alarm clock and an egg timer – perfect for the kitchen.

Not only that, but the radio has been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust as one of the most energy efficient radios.

This gorgeous radio is now sold from John Lewis at the price of £149.

Digital Photo keychain and frame

Printed photos are subject to the weathering of time. Photos, even in frames become faded and old. Instead Estate Agents can preserve photos of their loved ones forever in a digital photo frame or keychain.

After uploading your photos through your computer, each frame or keychain then flicks between your uploaded photos.

The upper range digital photo frames allow Estate Agents to upload a jaw dropping 200 photos on a 7 inch whilst also flipping to always keep the photo the right way up.

Estate Agents can expect to pay around £5 for a digital photo keychain or around £50 for the better digital photo frames.

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