More SEO tips for Commercial agents

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More SEO tips for Commercial agents


Following on from our previous article “Quick tips for Top ranks”, we have a few more tips on what commercial agents and chartered surveyors could be doing to help get that all important page 1, position 1 search engine ranking for their company website.

Adapt To The Algorithm

Search engines constantly look to improve the quality and accuracy of their search service. In doing this, they make changes to their algorithm, changing the level of importance that they put on individual onsite and offsite factors. Be aware of how these changes will affect your website and respond accordingly.

Tag Images

Make sure that you optimise each of your images with the relevant keyword phrase. That means including the keyword in the images file name.

Get Google+

Setting up a Google+ page for your business is a great and easy idea. Doing this will help with those keywords that you use for targeting localised searches, while also building that all important trust with Google. Some SEO commentators are saying that Google+ could eventually become the new Google.

Embrace The Moving Image

Online video is all the rage with more and more companies now embracing the video revolution. The use of video will help your SEO rankings in a number of ways. First, pages that feature video will have longer view times. Secondly hosting video on video sharing sites like YouTube will provide additional links to your website. Finally if you tag your video correctly you can also generate duel search engine listings.

Let The Search Engine Help

You can get advice straight from the horse’s mouth. You can get great advice from Google for example by checking out their Webmaster Help Videos and Webmaster Guidelines.

Use All The Tools

Make sure that you set-up and use the Webmaster Tool. This will for example allow Google to let you know if they have any problems when they crawl your website. While you are at it, you should also set-up Google Analytics. This will show you how many people are visiting your website, what keywords they used to find you, which pages are popular and a whole lot more.


Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant