Lower Your Bounce Rate

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Lower Your Bounce Rate


The bounce rate is the percentage of people that have landed on your website and exited without viewing another page. If one of your users has bounced that means they haven’t interacted with your website or visited any of your other pages.

They have just came to your site, not found what they are looking for and left, which of course is a very bad thing as they are likely to have gone to your competition.

There are many reasons why your website has a high bounce rate but here are a few suggestions of how you can lower yours:

1) Fresh content

There are many reasons you should create fresh content for your website and one of them is to entice returning visitors. If someone comes to your website and likes what they see, they are likely to return again but if they only see the same things as last time then why would they stick around?

It’s not only good for returning visitors but new visitors as new content creates excitement and gives your visitors something to look at and digest.  

If you can make your visitors hang around a little bit longer, it gives you more opportunities to make the sale.

2) Quality content

There are also many reasons to create quality content but if you want your visitors to stick around you need to ensure the page they land on has solid, high quality and enticing content.

By giving your visitors this type of valuable information, you are giving them a reason to stay and read on.

Instead of talking about your company’s history, provide your visitors with helpful information that explains who you are and what you do instantly then guides them towards their goals.

3) Add a video

Everyone loves a good video, it is a great way to get people to interact with your page and make them stick around. A short video explaining who you are and what you do can be a great opener. If the video is done well then it could keep visitors on your website for a few minutes or more and with a call-to-action placed within it could lead them through to the next stage.

Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% but ensure that the video isn’t on auto-play. Give the user the option to watch the video or not; whatever you do don’t force it upon them as that will increase your bounce rate.

4) Be creative

Make sure your website looks appealing. If your website looks out of date, complicated, confusing or generally unattractive then your visitors aren’t going to stay around. The design of a website will be used to judge how credible and trustworthy your business is.

A modern and user-friendly website will make your visitors feel safe and gain their confidence. If your website is really striking and creative people are likely to stay longer. Good design isn’t just about looks either, make sure the functionality and usability is considered and if it isn’t mobile-friendly expect to see high bounce rates. 

Luke Stanley