Lorem Ipsum - what does it mean?

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Lorem Ipsum - what does it mean?

Estate Agents have you ever wondered onto a website and found it full of the Latin text:

'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit...'

Strange isn't it, to broadcast a language that is used very rarely in the modern world - so why use it?

Lorem Ipsum is not meant to have meaning but it derives from a Roman philospher and statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero's book on ethics called 'De Finibus' (The purposes of Good and Evil). The text used is a variation of the exact version and is believed to be used since the 1960s.

The purpose of Lorem Ipsum is to place text onto a web page if there is no text avaible to place onto the web page. Since the modern version is not a correct version of Latin, it has no exact meaning but only acting as a holding purpose.

Estate Agents can see a translation of Lorem Ipsum on wikipedia.