Is the iPhone 4.0 to be unveiled next week?

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Is the iPhone 4.0 to be unveiled next week?

The iPhone is a popular device for Estate Agents (and quite a few members of the staff at Resource Techniques). In recent articles we've covered 'Bing - the ring of a new iPhone app', 'Top 5 apps to keep Estate Agents fit' and 'brand new year for some brand new gear.'

Now rumours are really heating up over the next iPhone (4.0). The popular phone with Estate Agents, and many members of the public, has had increased attention since its first announcement on 9th January 2007.

Now rumours have spread around the internet that Apple will almost certainly unveil the Apple tablet as well as the iPhone 4.0 at an exclusive event in San Francisco on the 26th of this month.

More rumours have also speculated as to what the iPhone 4.0 upgrades are. Various sources have mentioned a 5 Mega pixel Camera, increased memory and greater processing speed (possibly a dual processor) and there is a large chance that it be will available for public purchase around June of this year in the U.S. This could mean that the iPhone 4.0 will be available around November of this year in the UK.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques, 'Apple has never failed to impress with their range of iPhones and I expect the iPhone 4.0 will be no exception. It is just a shame that we will have to wait until the end of the year to buy one.'