How to screw up your estate agency website

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How to screw up your estate agency website

Building a website usually has a lot more elements then people realise at the start of a build. This sort of thing leads to poor decision making and improper planning that can affect your website for years to come.

Here are 5 tips to help you get it right the first time:

1.  No set purpose

Ask yourself why am I building a website? If you don’t know the answers to this question then don’t go rushing into things. Most estate agents only have a vague idea of what they want their website to do so before you get started have your plan laid out in front of you.

2. A bad team

Without the right specialist in a team your website will falter. A lot of the time businesses focus too much on finding a cool designer and forget about the other elements involved in building a successful website.

3.  No call to actions

Many websites leave out the crucial call to actions. When a user lands on a webpage they want to be told what to do, giving them options to subscribe to a newsletter, get a quote or search for a property lets the user move through your site easier and with more purpose.

4. No content

Lack of content is the downfall of most websites. Getting the content together in the first place can be a difficult job which tends to end with estate agents writing the bare minimum to get it done. Without a sufficient amount of content it can leave users confused and unclear regarding your services and products.

5. Perfectionism

A quick launch of a site does have its drawbacks but what’s worse is being too picky. If you don’t want the project to blow up in your face, accept that your website will never be perfect. After the launch of your site you can always gradually improve your site over time but in all fairness most users won’t even notice the imperfections you keep finding.


Luke Stanley