How to better optimise your Twitter business page

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How to better optimise your Twitter business page

Twitter is a great way to promote your website and interact with your customers, if used correctly. This is why so many brands are on the website and why so many now use it for customer service. However many Estate Agents miss out on the basic principles of Twitter which leads to them failing to achieve any real benefit from using the social network.

Your Twitter business page is vital to the success of your Twitter campaign. Here are a few things you can do to help improve your Twitter account.

1. Keep your profile picture up-to-date

Your Twitter profile picture has to be something that people are able to identify who you are as a business. This could be your company logo or a picture of yourself, depending on whatever you think is more relevant to your business.

Not only do you need to keep it up-to-date but take into consideration how good it looks in thumbnail size. If the image doesn’t fit or looks distorted it can turn off followers as it looks unprofessional.

2. Optimise your Twitter

Many Estate Agents seem to overlook this but your Twitter bio is basically introduction to the Twitter world.

What you post may be the reason people follow you, the bio helps new followers understand who you are and what you do.

3. Take advantage of the cover photo and background

Twitter backgrounds have been around for a while but the cover photo helps you to achieve more creative pages. For the best results, the background, cover photo and profile picture should complement each other.

4. Keep content varied, interesting and frequent

Give people a reason to follow you, don’t just post once a month and don’t just clog up your Twitter feed with endless properties for sale posts. Try and mix it up with a range of topics, including local news, industry information, photos and statistics.

Twitter can be a very valuable tool for your online campaign so ensure you get all the basics right first.

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