How important is the Share Button to an Estate Agents success?

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How important is the Share Button to an Estate Agents success?

Share buttons are on every popular Social Network from ‘likes’ to ‘retweets’ because sharing is the foundation upon how Social Networks work.

But why is sharing the key to building a successful estate agency business?

In the past, Estate Agents would spread their marketing messages as widely as possible through print, email and all other kinds of broadcast media. The idea behind this is the more people you reach, the greater your rate of return will be but does social media spread the message wider?

Here are 4 examples of why share buttons can make your business:

1. We share to define ourselves to others and to receive social acceptance

Recognition is important for any business and the satisfaction we get from this spurs us on to share more.

Not only is this a great confidence builder it also spreads the word about your brand and shows the public you have valuable information to share.

2. We like to receive thanks

Most of the time posts through social channels are helpful and information and are submitted to benefit potential clients.

When you receive thanks, not only will you feel good about yourself but you’ve just promoted your business with a direct testimonial that everyone can see.

3. We share because we enjoy bringing valuable and informative content to others

Gaining business by using the concept of giving to get marketing can work really well on social media platforms.

Directly sharing valid information will help form the basis for building a future relationship that can lead to business in the future. With social media platforms, most relationships grow based on how you engage with others, not how many ads you post everywhere else.

These actions will make your potential clients feel good towards you as well as increase the probability that when the times comes to make a purchase, they will choose you over your competition.

4. We share to strengthen our relationship with others

Sharing helps to build trust between people, when people trust you they are more likely to do business with you. The more you share the stronger the relationship becomes.