Here comes 1Gbps broadband

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Here comes 1Gbps broadband

With Teamworks V6, the cloud based software having been released over the last few months, internet speed may have become more of an interest to you and with 1Gbps broadband on the horizon for release in the UK it may be something Estate Agents should consider looking into...

BT is currently testing a 1Gbps broadband connection in the UK, over current fibre cabling. With a few simple upgrade exchanges and routers you could be downloading 10 times faster than the quickest current connection and an amazing 83 times faster than the 12Mbps UK average.

But how fast is this 1Gbps broadband in terms you can relate to?

Music –

An MP3 file of 3MB would download in:

56Kbps = 54 seconds
12Mbps = 0.25 seconds
1Gbps = 0.0023 seconds

Movie –

An HD film file of 1.4GB would download in:

56Kbps = 426 hours (17 days)
12Mbps = 2 minutes
1Gbps = 1.4 seconds

Data transfer -

A 1TB hard drive would transfer in:

56Kbps = 320,000 hours (36 years)
12Mbps = 1.4 hours
1Gbps = 17 minutes

These figures are general approximations based on ideal connections but it should give you an idea of the possibilities a 1Gbps broadband could give you.