Green gadgets for Estate Agents

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Green gadgets for Estate Agents

For some time now, being environmentally friendly has changed from being smelly ‘tree huggers’ to something that anyone can participate in. The western world, although still massively wasteful, is slowly changing their practices to try and counterbalance the theory that the world is heating up from CO2 emissions.

As citizens of a planet called Earth, Estate Agents can all do their bit by buying new ‘greener’ gadgets that will cause less waste. We have complied a list of green gadgets that can be used every day in the office.

Water powered Calculator

Water powered calculator? This must be a joke… Well it’s not. This calculator uses water to activate a chemical reaction within the battery. All Estate Agents have to do is fill up the battery with water every couple of months and you’re good to go.

It is very cool to have a water powered calculator but one of the web design team at Resource Techniques pointed out, ‘…What about the calculator on your computer?’ – Good point.

Solar Laptop Charger

Laptops have an annoying tendency to use run out of power quicker than Spiderman runs out of spider web (which happens quite a bit, and with dramatic timing).

The Solar Gorilla laptop charger is the answer. With 10 Watts of energy produced from direct sunlight, this gadget gives Estate Agent’s an excuse to work in the park or a beer garden… oh no!


If only there was a button, that once pressed, solves all the world’s environmental disasters in one swift click.

Well there’s not but there is something we can all do to ensure that all our computers are using the least amount of energy possible when we are not using them (forgetting about the simple ‘off’ button).

The EcoButton plugs into your computer’s USB drive and puts your computer into hibernation, therefore saving energy. Another press of the EcoButton restarts your PC where the Estate Agent had left off. Perfect(ish).

Battery free-wireless mouse

We were dumbfounded when we first heard about the Battery-free wireless USB mouse. Impossible right? Wrong.

The wireless mouse is, as it states, wireless. The rest of the equipment isn’t though. The mouse pad plugs into your USB and charges the mouse when resting on it. Still quite cool, but there is no mention as to the length of the battery life in the mouse when not placed on the mouse pad.

Eco stapler

The Eco Stapler is so simple that it should have be created at the start of the last century. It cuts and folds each paper pieces so that there is no need to replaceable metal staplers, saving unfathomable amounts of metal from staplers.

The downside is that the maximum number of pieces of paper that it can clip together is 3 – not exactly for office use.

Still, every little helps…