Google+ growing at the speed of Facebook

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Google+ growing at the speed of Facebook

Google have revealed that its social network Google+ has 135 million active users checking their Google+ streams each month. An amazing achievement considering in mid-September 2012 they only had 100 million active users.

This leads us to believe that Google+ is now growing at a similar speed to its rival, Facebook, back when Facebook had hit the 100 million mark.

Google announced this increase alongside its new feature called “Google+ communities” as well as the improvements their mobile photo app Snapseed.

On September 17th Google+ reached 100 million active users, meaning Google+ has added 35 million active users in just 2 and a half months!

The only social network that can be compared to that kind of growth is Facebook, when they reached 100 million active users back in August 2008 and  then announced 7 months later in April 2009 that they had hit 200 million active users.

This is almost the exact same growth as Google+ achieved over these last 2 months, having added just over 14 million active users each month.

This sort of growth spurt may restore some faith in Google’s social network as Google in the past have failed over and over again with the release of such social networks as Orkut, Blogger, Buzz and Wave which left many very skeptical towards Google+ when it was released.

However with Google+ now being one of the most popular social networks around, no one will be able to deny that Google has redeemed themselves in the social world.

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