Getting the best SEO for Commercial Agents?

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Getting the best SEO for Commercial Agents?


As all ‘switched-on’ Commercial Agents and Chartered Surveyors know, a page one listing on Google will help increase their company’s profile and improve new business development. To reach the dizzy heights of page one, they are going to need a good SEO practitioner, but how can you as an expert in commercial property, spot an expert in SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is hugely important, but don’t be mistaken to think that a full SEO support programme implemented today, will yield page 1, position 1 on Google for Chartered Surveyors in your area by the end of the month.

Depending on the level of competition and the selection of those all-important keywords, realistically you are looking at 4 – 6 months. Therefore you can see how selecting the right SEO practitioner it so important. You don’t want to waste six months before you can truly see how good they are.

So here as three quick tips:

Don’t Take Their Word For It?

It is the most obvious start, but speak to some of their existing clients. Ideally they’ll already have clients within the property sector. Even if that experience is in residential, it is beneficial as there is at least some similarity between sectors. Also the residential sector is far more competitive than commercial property. Consistently gaining page one listings for Estate Agents is a good indication that they know what they are doing.

Find out what the service is like, how quick they got to understand the clients business and the level of support they give on a monthly basis.

Do Your Own Search

Select ten of their clients and do a Google search for them. Start with something simple like the type of product or service and the geographical area that they are based in. If less than 50% of these clients don’t have at least a page two listing on Google (therefore within the first 20 results), then walkaway from that SEO practitioner or Website designer.

Remember to focus on the ‘organic” or “natural” search taking up the majority of the page. The column to the right on Google is Pay-Per-Click advertising and something totally different.

Look At Their SEO

It is obvious really. If they were any good at what they do, then their own website should surely have a high listing. Make sure you try a number of different phrases, something really general like:

  • SEO for chartered surveyors
  • SEO for commercial agents
  • Website design for commercial agents
  • Website design chartered surveyors

See where they are ranked for each of these terms and make note of whom is above them.

In such competitive market, with chartered surveyors and commercial agents fighting over new business it is vital that your website gets seen by a prospective client before your competition. In general, more than 70% of prospective clients first see a company’s website.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant