Estate Agents websites are made for…

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Estate Agents websites are made for…

The one of the biggest mistakes made by Estate Agents is that your website is made simply to please themselves and themselves only.

They have in their head an idea of what they want their website to look like without a single thought into who their website is designed for and that is…

…potential vendors.

That’s right, your website is not for you. It is really designed for potential (and existing) vendors.

Sure, you want a website that is easy for buyers to navigate and explore properties – and this will happen often – but the majority of buyers will more likely start with property portals.

Think about it this way. You’re going to sell your house so you base your decision on Estate Agent reputation as well as typing in ‘Estate Agents in…’ and your local area into your favourite search engine. You will scan the results page and then choose a couple from the top of the first page.

Entering each Estate Agent website, you will then base a large part of your decision on:

  • How the website looks
  • How easy it is to navigate around the website
  • Whether there’s a search function, or at best enhanced property search
  • How properties are presented
  • The quality of the property images
  • No pop-ups or jump-offs
  • Clear and visible contact details
  • Visibly embraced new technologies such as QR codes, mobile apps and social media.

Next time you’re considering a new Estate Agent website, remember that your main priority is to acquire a website that will attract new business.