Estate Agents, there are new Regulations Affecting Advertising on Websites

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Estate Agents, there are new Regulations Affecting Advertising on Websites


You may have heard that from 1st March 2011, the remit of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will be extended to cover “marketing communications on organisations’ own websites and in other non-paid-for space under their control”.

In brief; ‘Non-paid-for space under your control’ refers to, for example, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A ‘marketing communication’ is one that primarily sets out to sell something, and could take a number of forms.

So, - if you have, or intend to have, marketing communications or advertising on your website, social networking sites, etc. you should familiarise yourself with the new regulations by visiting:

Though Estate Agents already have plenty of legislation to comply with, there is of course nothing wrong with the principle of producing clear, honest marketing material for websites. And at Resource Techniques, we believe that your website should have the have the ability to really make that marketing message stand out.  

Great websites combine many factors to facilitate this. Just some of the features we use include user -oriented design with clear navigation & powerful imagery, an updatable ‘news’ feature and a video upload page.

For years, we’ve been building sites for estate agents that correctly interpret and drive the sales and marketing objectives of our clients. Please see our testimonials page where some of our own ‘marketing communications’ may be found!

For more information, please call us, - or request a free, no obligation review of your current website.

Andy Claridge - Business Account Manager (Web Services)