Estate Agents: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is it worth it?

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Estate Agents: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is it worth it?

Resource Techniques Attracting Youtube Generation GuideCountless searches are performed every day and what they search for is extremely diverse. Internet users search for why their dog keeps barking to local cinema listings. In fact these searches can be defined into three main groups. These are:

Navigational - The user is looking for a particular website and will type in the brand name or web address e.g.

Informational - The user will be looking particular information. This tends to be varied, from typing in illnesses to finding local estate agents.

Transactional - This is where the user is searching to buy something e.g. 'iPhone'.

Estate agents must consider how they design the structure of the keywords within their website. Think about what the public will be searching for when they want to access your website. Resource Techniques has experienced two areas where estate agents should concentrate.

The first group will be making navigational searches. This will be because they are already aware of your company from reputation. These are the users that you do not need to concentrate on as they will be searching for your company name. Your website will already be designed for this.

The second group will be making informational searches and this is where you need to focus on. These users are either not brand loyal or they do not have a particular estate agent in mind, and these users are the reason why you need to be top of search engines. They will be typing in a variation of search terms to find estate agents. The main one will be 'estate agents in' and then the local area. Designing your website so that you capture these business opportunities will determine the success or downfall of your website.

SEO is essential because people only tend to access the websites that are at the top of the results page. This is known as the "Golden Google Triangle". Designing for position one isn't always achievable but creating a website with the best SEO is a primary goal for modern estate agents.