Estate Agents: how to appear on Facebook’s top news

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Estate Agents: how to appear on Facebook’s top news


Once a person has liked your Estate Agent Facebook page, they have consciously or unwittingly granted you permission to market directly to them. With Facebook being the most popular social network and usage at an all-time high, Estate Agents would be mad not to integrate into their Estate Agent website and other online marketing activities.

Getting buyers and vendors to ‘like’ your Facebook page is not an easy feat, but once they have, the work does not stop there. Not forgetting that Estate Agents have to upload clickable links and information, they also have to get those links in front of their fans.

The best way to accomplish this is for Estate Agents to make sure their fan page updates appear in the ‘Top News’ section of Facebook.

For those that are unsure, Facebook’s news feed is split into two sections: Top News and Most recent. When a user logs onto Facebook they are greeted with this Top News feed which makes it the most desirable spot for Estate Agents to place their fan page content.

The good news is that these places aren’t picked by random. On the contrary, Facebook SEO (Search Engine optimisation) is possible for both appearing on search engines and the Facebook news feed.

This Facebook rank takes into consideration three various categories:

  • Relevancy – this will look at the number of previous interactions between the person and the page.
  • Recency – The more recent the post the better.
  • Ruckus – This looks at how many other likes, comments and shares are on the post.

Estate Agents, not only is it now your duty think outside the Facebook box and encourage local Facebook users to like your page, but it is now also your mission to get your content into onto the Top News section of Facebook.

To help, here is an itemised list of things to do:

  • Post frequently.
  • Post at the end of the day – this is when most people will check their Facebook.
  • Encourage interaction – don’t be afraid to what they think.

James Coyne – eMarketing and social media consultant