Estate Agent’s call-to-action

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Estate Agent’s call-to-action

The construction of website design for Estate Agents is always carefully considered here at Resource Techniques. A single flaw in the design could put off a potential buyer and vendor and they will simply hit that dreaded ‘Back’ button on their web browser.

Every Estate Agent web design needs to have a clear ‘call to action’ urging the user to delve deeper into the Estate Agent website.

There should always be many calls to action, but the primary call to action will be property search. The majority of people accessing an Estate Agent’s website will be property searchers looking for property that relates to them.

By making the property search button a clear call to action, you are ‘helping’ traffic on the website move towards what you want them to see – your property portfolio.

Property search is the main call to action, but not the main one. Other calls to action can include featured properties, email alert signup or even contact us.

Each element will have a varying effect on the web page and it is therefore the job of the web designer to construct a website to, not only keep the aesthetics in mind, but also to construct a website with traffic flow in mind.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant