Estate Agent web design – Does your website need a redesign

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Estate Agent web design – Does your website need a redesign

As time goes on technology advances and users become more accustom to modern design and functionality. However these advancements may cause your website to become outdated but how do you know when it’s time for your website to have a redesign?

Here are the most common factors that often lead to estate agents getting their website updated:

Not Responsive or mobile friendly

You need to ensure your customers and potential customers are receiving the best user experience when they visit your website. Your audience will be viewing your website from various devices, meaning your website has to accommodate all these devices.

Overly cluttered

Does your homepage have multiple buttons, call-to-actions, badges and other elements that are distracting the user from their real purpose (to search for properties)?

Simplicity is vital to all modern web design. You don’t want to confuse or overwhelm your customers; instead you need to direct them to what they are looking for quickly and simply. By removing all this clutter you will increase your sites efficiency and improve conversion rates by not distracting or annoying your visitors.

Generally outdated

You can usually tell how old a website is by the way it looks. If your website was built 10 years ago and looks 10 years old then a redesign is definitely need. Don’t let your visitors think you’ve abandon your website.  

Unable to consistently update

Your website should be easy to update, either with a content management system or with a simply email to your website provider. If the content on your website is outdated and you can’t fix this issue then a redesign is in order.  

Your site doesn’t work correctly

People these days have virtually no patience for websites that don’t work to a certain standard. If there are one or more functions (such as the property search) that don’t work or is difficult to use, you are likely to lose business. Don’t let this happen to you.

Takes forever to load

Speed is important, not only for the user but also for SEO. If your site doesn’t load instantly or at least within a few seconds then are guaranteed to lose visitors (potential customers).

High Bounce Rate

A slow website among many others things are likely to lead to a high bounce rate. A bounce rate indicates the amount of visitors that are hitting the back button before visiting a second page. This information can be found via Google Analytics.

Insufficient Traffic

Your website should have consistent traffic, preferably that steadily increases over time. If you are losing visitors you need to find out why.

Not being found

If you aren’t being found on Google for your office location than it is crucial you start working on your SEO. For most estate agents, it is important they rank for the phrase ‘Estate Agents in (their area), for example ‘Estate Agents in Bournemouth’. If you aren’t ranking or being found within Google it is vital you find out what’s wrong and how to fix it. 


A redesign is a big decision but if your website isn’t reaching its potential then something needs to be done about it; otherwise you could be losing a huge amount of business.

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Luke Stanley