Estate Agent social networking - Google launches Total Twitter search

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Estate Agent social networking - Google launches Total Twitter search

Estate Agents that love Twitter will be pleased to know that Twitter has broken the 100 million user mark. The actual figure announced by Twitter is 105,779,710 and are attracting around 300,000 new users a day, which means that there are constantly more and more potential customers for Estate Agents.

In related news, Google have launched a new search option for previous Tweets.

Previously Google included trending topics (top 10 most talked about topics) within their results page, with many news sources using 'Tiger Woods' as a good search example.

The new Google search allows Estate Agents, property searchers and members of the public to see all previous messages or 'Tweets' from Google.

To access the Twitter search in Google, search for your local area and click 'Show options'. From there click on ‘Updates’ and 'Any Time' to see the latest Tweets in that area.

Estate Agents with a little bit of cunning can use this to their advantage by doing a little market research. By searching local relevant terms, Estate Agents will be able to research local property searchers. By then joining in the conversation, Estate Agents will then be able to establish themselves as the 'local expert'.

Need more information? Troy Stanley’s article 'Estate Agents sharing local and expert knowledge' will give Estate Agents the level of detail they need.