Essentials of Web Design for Estate Agents

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Essentials of Web Design for Estate Agents

To get the most out of your estate agency website you need to get the essentials right. Here are the five essential parts of web design that will help people use your website more effectively and efficiently:   

Create a visually clear navigation – the key points of your website need to be clearly displayed in the primary navigation. These links will guide the user through your website so ensure it is laid out step by step to help guide the user through the process.

Stick to the basics – almost everyone wants something different and cutting edge but conventions endure because they work so well. Your customers will know how to use them as they are now accustomed to them. Sticking to the basics will give the user a better experience.

Clearly define pages – Don’t try to cram everything into one page, give each of your services, offices and listings individual pages.

Use call-to-actions and clickable buttons – make it clear where you want the user to go next, if you want them to search for properties put the button right in front of them. Make it as easy for them as possible. The buttons and call-to-actions need to stand out as much as possible.

Simplicity – Don’t make your website confusing, keep it simple. Avoid putting too many distractions on the homepage, at the end of the day you are trying to sell a service so make it clear what you do without stuffing the page full of useless gimmicks and tools.

Making clicks harder will deter the user away from your website. The solution is to simplify the user’s choices, focus their attention, eliminate distractions and be page specific.  

What most estate agents overlook is that web design is mostly about creating great user experience. Of course a beautiful and modern website is more appealing to the customer but if it is hard to navigate than you are likely to lose out on a lot of customers. 

Troy Stanley