eBay estate agents can profit from the recession

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eBay estate agents can profit from the recession

eBay estate agents can profit from the recessionLaunched in October 1999, eBay now has revenues of $7.7 billion (2008) and currently there are just under 200,000 properties being advertised on eBay in the UK. Many people, including estate agents, can easily forget that eBay is a fantastic medium for selling property, as eBay is associated with selling junk and memorabilia.

What would eBay cost an estate agent?

Estate agents listing properties as a classified ad, as the transaction will not be transferred through eBay. Each property will only have an insertion fee of £35, which compared to the price of an advertisement local newspaper, is a bargain.

With this £35, the classified ad for the property will stay up on eBay for a whole 28days, which works out as £1.25 per 24 hours!

What are the benefits?

Even though this could be very expensive if every property was on eBay, estate agents could put on featured properties that would link back to their own estate agency website. Doing this will drive traffic to their estate agency website and increase sales while also showing an advertisement for a property at the same time.

Estate agents would have to be crazy to miss out on this. The price is small compared to traditional avenues and estate agents would be increasing online their exposure for an ever increasing online demand for property.

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