Dangerous Web Design Mistakes That Can Be Deadly

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Dangerous Web Design Mistakes That Can Be Deadly


Web trends come and go all the time, which can lead many estate agents down dangerous paths if those new gimmicks conflict with your audience.

You may want your website to be creative and unique but gimmicks may not benefit your audience in the way that you’d hoped. Here are 5 design trends that can destroy your website efforts:

1) No content above the fold

We know you want a strikingly beautiful website and content generally ruining that. However, it is important to add context to any page as people don’t want to have to scroll to figure out what the website is about.

Avoid increasing bounce rates by providing context above the fold on every page.

2) Flash

Flash in 2018 is a big no-no despite its potential to make a website look pretty cool. Flash’s shortcoming certainly outweigh its attraction as it generally takes ages to load and isn't supported by most browsers, which is terrible for the user experience and isn’t SEO friendly.

Avoid using Flash at all costs.

3) Cross Browser and device compatibility

This can be quite common depending on how thorough your web designer is. It is crucial that your website works (how it’s supposed to) on all major web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari as well as all the different types of devices. If your website hasn’t been tested on all of these web browsers, you need to check to ensure your website works correctly.

4) Pop Ups

Pop ups may seem very 90’s yet they are still pretty common. Pop ups shouldn't be used on a website no matter what as they are a sure-fire way to annoy your users, increases the chances of them abandoning the site.  

5) Splash page

A splash page is a page that can be added as a first point of contact usually in the form of a welcome message giving the user the option to continue to the homepage. These pages are completely pointless, slow your website down, has a negative impact on SEO and makes it harder for your visitors to access the main content. Stick with a striking homepage! 

Luke Stanley