Consumers favour tablets over laptops for Christmas 2011?

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Consumers favour tablets over laptops for Christmas 2011?

Christmas shopping is always a challenging task, but if the choice is between a tablet and a laptop, a new survey may make the decision a lot easier. According to research produced by PriceGrabber, 79% of consumers would rather receive a tablet than a laptop for Christmas.

Why do consumers prefer tablets over the laptop?
Tablets are great devices for people on the go and although laptops are also seen as a portable device, tablets outshine them in this area.

Benefits of a Tablet:

  • More portable

Tablets are definitely more portable than the laptops, the size and shape of the tablet makes it possible for you to use it on the go.  

  • Lightweight

Again this makes it a lot easier to carry around. Take a look at the specification of a Macbook Air compared to the iPad 2:





iPad 2

Macbook Air




Screen Size

9.7 inch

11.6 inch


601 g

1.08 kg

The Macbook Air is considered to be one of the lightest laptops on the market. The iPad 2 is almost half its weight and £600 cheaper.

  • Convenience

Tablets are portable, light and easy to use. What more can you want...

  • 67% of consumers said they preferred touchscreens

I’m sure mobile phones have something to do with this as over half of the consumers have said that they prefer touchscreens over a mouse and keyboard.

What’s the most popular tablet?

This won’t surprise anyone but the survey reported that 83% of people would prefer an iPad 2 over any other tablet.

It is also thought that the tablet is going to take a huge share of the E-readers market.

So if you are struggling for Christmas present ideas you may want to keep in mind that the iPad 2 is a very popular choice.

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