Common web design flaws you can easily avoid

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Common web design flaws you can easily avoid

Your website is live 24/7 and the first contact with the majority of your potential clients. Avoiding simple mistakes can be the difference between a sell and losing out to your competition.

So what are the most common Estate Agency web design flaws?

1. Not being able to find the ‘Property Search’ button

People have come to your website for one reason, to look at the properties you have on the market. If they can’t find the properties within a few seconds they will look elsewhere.

The ‘Property Search’ button should be the most prominent feature on your homepage.

Making this process simple will ensure that people visiting your website will at least have a look around before checking out your competition.

2. Not making your contact information clear and easy to find

Your visitors have just finished browsing your property portfolio, now they want to move onto the next step and contact you but they can’t find any contact details...

Your contact information should be highly visible throughout your website. You should have multiple ways in which customers can get in contact with you in case they have any questions. The vitals are obviously your business phone number and address but you can also include an email address and/or a enquires form.

3. Having music or a video automatically starting when people visit a page

Although this may seem cool and modern to you it’s not very user friendly. People search the web while at work or other public places where videos or music suddenly blaring out of their computer can be embarrassing for the user. This is generally frowned upon in public areas and a place of work.

If you want videos or music on your website let the visitors have total control over it.

4. Making your content difficult and boring to read

Content is good for your website, it helps Google determine what your business is and will provide information to your potential customers about your business.

Your content has to be relevant to your business as well as unique, don’t bore the reader too much with the long drawn out stories.

Make your content easy to read, remember people don’t like reading stupidly long paragraphs.

5. Broken or missing links

Broken links aren’t only a usability issue but can have a negative effect on your SEO.

Links that don’t work or take you to the wrong place will just annoy your visitor and could possibly lead to them leaving your website.

Testing links is an easy and fast way to check if your links are correctly working.

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