Commercial Agents: Gadgets and Tech launches

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Commercial Agents: Gadgets and Tech launches

Commercial agents and chartered surveyors who love their gadgets and technology could be forgiven for getting a little excited this week. Three of the world’s biggest tech companies will be unveiling new products over the next seven days.


Yesterday, Apple finally launched the hotly anticipated iPad mini, a smaller versions of its hugely successful iPad tablet. A more affordable product than the larger iPad, the mini features the new lightening dock and a 7.85-inch screen.


Arguably, it is an even more important week for Microsoft, who launched their new Windows 8 operating system tomorrow. In addition the company will also unveil their answer to the iPad, the Surface tablet. This event has been labelled by many city analysts as a ‘make or break’ point for the company, who have been somewhat in the shadow of Apple in the mobile sector.


Then on Monday, it is believed by some in the know that Google will launch a new 32GB version of their Nexus 7 tablet. But if that wasn’t enough it is also rumoured that a new Nexus phone, manufactured by LG, will also be unveiled.

Well, if all that excitement hasn’t got you all hot under the collar of your Thomas Pink, then next Tuesday 30th October will see the launch of the UK’s first 4G network. Impatient chartered surveyors will be able to experience mobile download times almost five times faster than most existing 3G networks. The network will be launched by EE, who have claimed that an hour download time for a feature film will be slashed to 10minuest on their 4G network.


Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant