Colours that boost sales

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Colours that boost sales

Colour plays a huge role in the success of any marketing campaign and we aren’t just talking about your branding. Using certain colours for your marketing efforts and call to actions can help to entice more users, inspire more clicks and drive more sales. This is because certain colours promote different emotions in customers which can entice clicks and actions that in turn will boost sales.

Here are 10 colours that are proven to increase sales, as well as why they evoke specific emotions:

1) Red

Red is a powerful colour. It’s a great colour to grab and hold your users attention. This is why it is one of the most popular colours for marketing.

2) Yellow

Yellow is another powerful colour, however use it sparingly. Too much yellow will likely deter your users. Instead use yellow to subtly grab your audience’s attention.

3) Pink

Pink is considered to be fun and of course is a feminine colour so if your demographic is primarily women then you can’t go wrong with pink.

4) Green

Green evokes many emotions from warmth to wealth but can also be used within marketing to draw your users in.

5) Orange

Orange will grab your user’s attention; it evokes energy, fun and is considered cool. It will make your customers feel like they are dealing with a youthful cutting-edge company.  

6) Purple

Purple commands respect and class. If you want to promote elegance and prestige within your marketing efforts, purple is for you.

7) Blue

Blue promotes trust. To get the best results from the colour mix it with complementary colours like yellow or orange.

8) Brown

Brown, when used right can encourage relaxation in your customers. The earthy colour is known as a comforting colour.

9) Gold

Gold, when used sparingly promotes elegance and prestige and is considered more powerful than purple. However, just like yellow too much gold will deter your audience and will make you look tacky.

Combining gold with purple or green can promote power as it symbolises wealth.

10) Black

Black promotes many different feelings as well and can be used for a number of things. It can be considered modern or tradition as well as exciting or relaxing. If you use it as a contrasting colour, then it will add drama to whatever emotion you are trying to conjure. 

Luke Stanley