Chance is not a word in a web designer’s dictionary

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Chance is not a word in a web designer’s dictionary


Web design for Estate Agents can only be handled by a specialist website design company such as Resource Techniques. Why – because only through knowledge, experience and hard graft can design companies produce a product that is worthy for Estate Agents.

The product, an Estate Agent website, does not leave any part to chance. In fact chance is a dirty word that should only be uttered when talking about the office’s lottery sweepstake.

In the realm of website design, chance is a fossilised dinosaur admired in a 90s museum of the internet. Good web designers for Estate Agents are now well versed in the art of usability.

We leave nothing to chance. Each person to visit your Estate Agent will not be hit by complexity but they be subconsciously taken along a process – from the beginning with homepage to contacting the Estate Agent for a viewing.

Usability is not the only factor in this web design equation. Modern web users now expect that Estate Agent websites have a certain level of functionality from email alerts, high resolution images to enhanced use of Google maps and Google Street view, giving them a more in depth view of their dream property.

Estate Agents, do not let your Estate Agent website be decimated by chance and ensure that you maximise the amount of leads that come purely from your website.