Brand your website in 4 easy steps

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Brand your website in 4 easy steps

Branding is very important for any website or social networking account. Your visitors must be able to see what you do and who you are within a few seconds of landing on the page.  This is not only important for the user experience but it is vital for Search Engine Optimisation.

Over the years Google has implemented many changes to their algorithm in order to single out websites with poor branding.

To avoid falling into this trap here are four easy tips to ensure your website is clearly branded:   

1. Get a professional Logo

A logo will generally be the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your website so a clear professional logo is a must.

Make sure you are giving the best possible first impression. A branded logo will help you look trustworthy and established.

2. Link to your social media accounts

People like to see active sites with regular updates. Social media profiles are usually a great place to find real testimonials and information about the businesses. Make sure your social networking icons are clear and easy to find.

3. Include an “About Us” page

In my opinion an “about us” page should be standard for any website. They are perfect for showing the user who you are and what you’ve done. It just needs to be a few paragraphs about your business’s history and about the services they offer.

4. Include personal photos

When you include a photograph of your staff or office it can really help establish your website as a reliable company.

Personal photos help make the online presence seem more real to the user. Hiding your faces and location can give off a negative impression.  


Including these simple tips in your website will help to improve the user experience as well as boosting your search rankings and traffic.