Apple WWDC 2012: all you need to know so far

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Apple WWDC 2012: all you need to know so far

Apple fans across the world have been buzzing for this week for months and won’t be disappointed as Apple has revealed its rather amazing new products and software upgrades, however no announcements for the release of the iPhone 5 as of yet.

New Product: Retina Display MacBook Pro

The fastest, lightest, thinnest and highest resolution MacBook ever! This is the world’s first laptop that packs a Retina Display and is said to be “utterly beautiful”.

With 220ppi on the 15 inch screen, it is no surprise that Apple fans are impressed by the latest MacBook. The screen has 75 percent less glare and 29 percent greater contrast. It is also Apple’s thinnest MacBook ever at 0.71 inches and lightest at around 2kg.

The MacBook is powering the mighty Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics card but impressively can still manage around 7 hours of battery life.

Software upgrade: iOS 6

The highly anticipated iOS 6 was also announced and is to be released this August and will bring your mobile and tablet a new version of Siri. The new Siri will now be capable of answering your general knowledge questions properly as well as opening apps on your request.

However the virtual assistant will only be available on the latest versions of the iPad or iPhone.

iOS 6 also features improvements to Mail including a VIP flag and inbox, a better Facebook integration, FaceTime over 3G and a new Do Not Disturb function to block all visual and audio notifications.
You also get a new Passbook app to store all your plane tickets, loyalty cards and anything else with a barcode.

Apple has also ditched Google Maps

Apple is now doing away with Google Maps in favour of its own high quality 3D mapping powered by TomTom which will offer navigation and a real-time traffic monitor. The key feature with this new mapping is the amazing 3D Flyover view of cities with photographic textures.

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