Another 3 quick tips for Chartered Surveyors

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Another 3 quick tips for Chartered Surveyors

Following on from the last two newsletters, we have yet 3 more quick tips to help commercial agents and chartered surveyors achieve a website design that really delivers results to their business.


Think About The Typography.

The fonts you select for your website and the point size that your use will greatly effect the user experience and ultimately the effectives of your website. Try and limit the number of fonts to one or at the very most two different styles.

Make sure that the size of your fonts delineate clearly against body text and heading text and that all is at the optimum size.


Think About Colour

Put some thought into the way you use colour across your website. Think about the practical use of colour and its contribution to the user experience. Don’t take the colour in your branding too literally. For example, I recently saw a website for a commercial agent whose brand consisted of their name in a magnolia font, sitting within a burgundy rectangle. 

The application of this across their website involved a burgundy background colour to the page with text in magnolia. Aside from being incredibly dated and positioning the surveyor as old fashioned and fuddy-duddy, the copy was so hard to read.

Think also of the motivation and positioning of your audience and use a colour scheme that positions you accordingly.


What You Doing For Mobile?

Prospective and existing clients will not simply be accessing your website via a desktop PC. Over 30% of the traffic to your website will already be coming via some sort of mobile device – a Tablet or a Smartphone.

What sort of user experience does your website provide on these devices? The user experience, the type of information that is sort and even the time of day your website is accessed varies greatly by device. You need to understand these nuances and respond to them. This could mean having a dedicated mobile website

Luke Stanley