7 Web Design Fundamentals For Marketing

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7 Web Design Fundamentals For Marketing


Web design and online marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years. In this day and age, web design is highly impacted by mobile usage; more and more people are viewing, browsing, reading, researching, getting their news, their emails, staying connected socially and making purchases decisions through mobile devices.

To expand your reach to where your customers are, websites now need to possess more essential features and functions then they ever had to in the past.

Here are the vital web design features and functions every website for estate agents needs to have:

1. Responsive web design

A responsive website is now a must for any business that wants to provide their potentials customers with a great customer service. Responsive websites will adjust to your potential customer’s device screen size, meaning whatever device your audience uses they will have the best experience possible. This new generation of web design is more complex than the standard website so can be quite costly but it is definitely worth the extra cost.

2. Content management system (CMS)

Every business needs to be able to update their websites content quickly and easily. Your website needs to stay up-to-date at all times. Ensure your websites content management system allows you to update page content as well as photos and property information.

3. Embedded blog

A blog that is embedded into your website (under the same URL) is vital to your business. A blog can help you to drive more traffic to your website and increase your brands reach. Not only that a blog will improve your SEO by creating valuable backlinks and expanding keyword targeting.

4. Dynamic homepage

Your homepage needs to grab your visitor’s attention immediately; you can do this with big imagery, eye catching graphics and prominent call-to-actions. You need to make a great first impression, don’t let it go to waste with a disappointing homepage.

5. Active social media

Every business needs to have a social media account integrated into their website. This could be follow, like, share or retweet buttons within the website and on property listings.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long, long time but it is still one of the best ways to reach and inform your customers and potential customers. Email marketing is a great way to promote, drive traffic to your website and raise brand awareness. This marketing strategy definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

7. Websites built with the future in mind

Many website platforms become outdated very quickly and need constant upgrading which can be very costly. You should select a web platform that is automatically updated by the web design agency. This will ensure your website doesn’t fall behind the times. 

Luke Stanley