5 practices of highly effective websites

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5 practices of highly effective websites

All website owners spend a lot of time trying to get people onto their website through general promotion or SEO.

But what actually happens when people get to your website?

Working with hundreds of Estate Agent websites it’s clear to see what works and what doesn’t. The list below identifies several things that we have found that make an estate agency website successful and productive. How many of them do you use?

1. Simple design and navigation

Your website doesn’t need to be flashy to look attractive. Minimalistic websites are generally preferred as they are easier to navigate and generally look more professional.

Make it easier for people to find what they are looking for, don’t complicate it with inconsistency and irregular navigation.

2. Personalise it

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most visited pages on your website. This is because people like to know who they are dealing with. Anonymous sites don’t get the same results as those with a personal touch.

Be sure to include a detailed staff profile page with pictures as well as a brief history of the business to allow people to see who you are and what your company does.

3. Clear call to action

What do you want your visitors to do?

The majority of people visiting an estate agency website are there to see what properties you have on the market so make sure your property search function is easy to find and use.

If you don’t make it stand out, people are likely to miss it.

4. Update it regularly

Posting new unique content on your website frequently is important as it brings Google back to your website again and again to index the new content but that’s not the only benefit of adding new content:

  • It can be optimised for the keywords you are trying to rank within Google for
  • Great content provides value to your readers and potential clients, bringing them back to your website regularly.
  • This will in turn show your readers and potential customers that you are an expert in the industry and helps you to gain their trust.

5. Go Mobile

It has been predicted that by this time next year more people will use Mobile devices than PCs to get online.

Mobile owners use the internet differently than when they search via desktop. Mobile visitors are very goal oriented; they read fewer pages and spend less time on your website. They are looking for something specific so make sure it is easy for them to find before you lose them.

In terms of mobile website for estate agents this usually means they will be looking for the property search function so they can scan through your property listings but be sure to make it easy for them to find your phone number, business hours and directions to your office.

So how does your Estate Agency website match up? Have you been doing all these things or are you falling behind in some aspects?

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