4 ways to create a better website experience for your users

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4 ways to create a better website experience for your users

As Estate Agents your website exists to inform your readers, to portray your brand, to help your users, to attract vendors and to sale properties but it is easy to get lost in the design process, focusing too much on flashy designs or uniqueness and thinking that the website is built primarily for you instead of the user.

We are going to take a step back and revisit what is important to the website:

Re-evaluating your websites needs

Your website may look modern but could still be a failure when it comes to SEO and usability. It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if no one looks at it. SEO and usability plays a huge part in driving traffic to your website so be sure not to over look it.

First time visitors navigate differently

If you want your users to see something, you have to put it right in front of them. There is nothing more annoying than being lost digitally.

The majority of people visiting an Estate Agency website will be looking for properties. The property search should be the main call-to-action, drawing the users eyes straight to it. The navigation of the website needs to be clear and easy to use, finding things like contact information and the services you provide should also be able to be found within seconds of entering your site.

Keep in mind people don’t always enter your site on the homepage. Ensure your website has breadcrumb navigation, the URLs are structured and the primary navigation is always visible.

Think like the user

You and your team will have seen your website a thousand times and know it like the back of your hands.

The users however are completely new to your website, so make it clear what your business does, what you have to offer and keep the navigation of your site simple and consistent.

Apology page

With a quickly changing or growing website, 404 pages are likely to appear when people search for properties that aren’t on the market anymore.

404 pages reflect badly on you in the eyes of the user and search engines so be sure to serve a custom 404 page providing an apology. There really isn’t anything worse than a blank page. The 404 page should provide the user with another option or allow them to get back to the homepage easily.

You work hard on getting people onto your website. Don’t give your users an excuse to run once they have entered your site.

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