4 steps to ranking higher in Google

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4 steps to ranking higher in Google

Search engines deliver most Estate Agency websites anywhere from 30% to 90% of their overall traffic, which in turn leads to a huge amount of sales. But to be eligible for this kind of traffic from Google, you need to rank on page one for your chosen keyword.

What once was a reasonably easy task is now more competitive than ever with Estate Agents spending hundreds, even thousands of pounds a month on SEO packages.

Although this may be the case, there are some things you can do to help your website reach the first page of Google.

1. Natural content

Back in the day many SEO’s would have told you to “write for the search engines” by keyword stuffing and inappropriate internal linking but these days Google will penalise you for doing this. Instead write for the users as this will keep them on the site for longer and improve sales.

2. Optimise your website

This may seem pretty obvious but you would be surprised how many estate agency websites aren’t optimised. You need to ensure you have relevant content, URL’s, title tags and headers throughout your website.

Onsite SEO is now more important than ever but as with everything too much can have a negative effect.

 3. Create natural links

Internal linking can be very beneficial to your website but make sure to think about the text and where the link is actually going. Linking to everything and anything won’t help your users and Google may now penalise you for doing this.

A natural link profile is critical to ranking on the first page of results for any keyword.

4. Be Social

Social media is likely to play a huge role in the future of SEO, with the Google+1 and like buttons already having an effect on Google’s algorithm but while that takes off it can help deliver some great traffic and help grow your customer base.

These tips may not bring you to the first page in a competitive area quickly but they certainly will help improve your rankings as well as traffic. SEO is becoming more and more difficult and expensive as search engines get smarter.

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