4 quick web design tips for Commercial Agents

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4 quick web design tips for Commercial Agents


Every Commercial Agent and Chartered Surveyor knows that their company needs a presence on the web, but just having a website isn’t enough. A badly designed website, with poor functionality could actually do more harm than good to your company.

So, here are 4 quick tips for you to think about before designing your new company website.

Less Is More

Don't over complicate your website with technology like Flash. Remember, your audience is impatient. If your website takes too long too load or doesn’t work probably in the users browser, they’ll not hang around. Furthermore, it is extremely unlikely that they’ll return.

And remember, “3 seconds to impress”! Its how long the average web user takes to decide whether they will stay on your website, or leave. Make your message simple and clear. Don’t overcomplicate and try to tell your life story in the home page and don’t plaster that page with images. You’re trying to hook your quarry, getting them to contact you remember.

If You Build It…They Won’t Come!

Just having a website doesn’t mean that the whole commercial property sector will find you and start landing on your website. You will need to put some hard work in before, during and after the build of your new website.

First you need to consider Search Engine Optimisation. If your web designer is doing their job correctly SEO will influence the very building blocks of your website. Its more than just keyword selection and its not a process that stops when the website goes live. The commercial property market, your audience and search engine algorithms are changing all the time.

So, Spread The Word

This is about driving traffic to your new website. Publishing articles and sharing your expertise and knowledge will help to get your company known and drive the traffic to your site. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter to spread the love and link people back to your new website.

In addition send out regular newsletters and emails that inform and deliver value to your audience, enticing them into your website. Most of all use these tools to engage in a dialogue with you audience.

Stand Out From The Crowd.

Too many commercial agents seem to have a generic “commercial property” website. Clichéd design, the same old library photography and a boring old tone-of-voice in their copy. Ultimately, they all end up looking the same. So where’s the differential? Why would a prospective client pick you to act for them over one of the over ‘clones’?

You can’t appeal to everyone, so don’t try. Establish a clear and unique position and then convey that in your website design. Stand out from the crowd.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant