Siri to be constantly listening out for commands

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Siri to be constantly listening out for commands

Just hours away from the launch of the new iPhone 6S but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill dishing out the latest gossip regarding Apple’s up and coming announcements later on today.

The latest bit of speculation pouring out of the rumour mill is that Apple are planning to launch the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that will come with a new upgraded Siri which will always be switched on and waiting for your commands.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus currently only support this function when the device is plugged in, activated by saying “Hey Siri”. This functionality is only available when charging due to the impact it has on the battery life.

With reports suggesting the iPhone 6S will be thicker than the current iPhone 6, it has led many to believe that it is going to have a larger battery which means it is quite possible that this rumour could be true.

It also matches up with Apples invite hint “Hey Siri, give us a hint” so this definitely could be one of the iPhone 6S’s new features.

Today’s Apple event looks like it will be a blitz of product announcements, with an expected 3 major new products being unveiled, the iPhone 6S, the larger iPad Pro and a new Apple TV.

Many have been confused about why Apple have chosen to stuff so many announcements into one event but rumours suggest that there won’t be an October Apple event this year, which means they will be breaking the tradition and today will be the last Apple event of the year!

However, there isn’t long to wait until Apple unveils all so stay tuned… 

Luke Stanley