200 Million People Will Have Smart Speakers in 2019

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200 Million People Will Have Smart Speakers in 2019


Smart speakers are definitely a hot topic in the tech world, whether they are seen as the future of SEO or privacy violating devices.

Yet, all this negative press doesn’t appear to have deterred the masses. According to the latest reports, it looks like smart speakers including the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod and many more will exceed 200 million units by the end of the year.   

Projections from the report even suggest that smart speakers may become more popular that tablets within the next two years!

The report predicts that the smart speaker usage could be around 400 million by 2021, which will be slightly higher than the estimates for tablet users.

The popularity of smart speakers appears to come from the ease of use on a day-to-day basis around the house. The devices have the ability to control a range of tasks such as turning on lights and controlling the heating via simple voice commands.

The projections for the smart speaker market are likely due to the fact that the devices are set to explode in China this year with the study predicting a massive 166% increase.

However, the United States still dominate smart speaker usage and will continue to do so at least until the end of the year with the Amazon Echo and Google Home sharing most of the market.

The market will only become more competitive though over the next few years, and Apple has already started cutting the cost of it’s HomePod to help it compete with the likes of Amazon and Google. Samsung are also gearing up to unveil the Galaxy Home device so we can expect to see some big things for smart speakers this year.

Luke Stanley