DELETE Internet Explorer Now

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DELETE Internet Explorer Now


Have you stopped using Internet Explorer yet? Brilliant but now you need to completely delete the web browsers from your computer!

A new security flaw has been discovered within Internet Explorer that allows hackers to steal Windows users data, even if they don’t use the web browser at all. If the software exists on your PC, you are at risk…

John Page, a security researcher said:

“Internet Explorer is vulnerable to XML External Entity attack if a user opens a specially crafted .MHT file locally. This can allow remote attackers to potentially exfiltrate Local files and conduct remote reconnaissance on locally installed Program version information.”

What this means is hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities within Internet Explorer using a .MHT format which is a file format used by IE for its web archives.

To be at risk, you only have to open an attachment received by email or any other file transfer service and your PC will be able to be accessed remotely by potential hackers.

The vulnerability has been tested on the latest version of Internet Explorer IE 11 and affects Windows 7 and Windows 10.

According to the latest report, Internet Explorer usage makes up less than 5% of the web browser market, however as the usage of the browser doesn’t matter it leaves millions at risk unless they have deleted it completely.

Luke Stanley