What Content Can You Add Regularly?


What Content Can You Add Regularly?


An estate agency website can be a very powerful tool, enabling you to establish yourself as an industry leader and grow an audience that trusts your brand. But in order to do so you need to ensure that your websites content stays fresh. This will not only be a benefit to your audience but also for your SEO.

In fact updating your content regularly is crucial for your SEO.

The freshness of your content has a major influence on your Google rankings. Google crawlers crawl your website constantly to analysis your websites performance and a website with stale, unchanging content will be crawled less frequently. However, if you have a website with dynamic content that is updated frequently, Google will crawl it more often.

If you want to show Google you are relevant, up-to-date and continually aiming to deliver your audience with the best possible website then updating your content frequently will help with that.

What content can you add regularly?

1) Blog articles

As an expert in your industry you should be sharing your knowledge to your audience. You can’t expect potential customers to believe you are an industry expert without any proof can you? A blog will be successful if you write interesting content that your audience will want to read. This might be a how-to guide, property reviews, industry/local news or anything you think your audience would like to read that is relevant to you.

2) Company News 

There’s no harm in talking about yourself every once and a while. If you are going to provide a new service, get a new employee, have a big event or want to talk about sales and offers, why not share it on your website?

3) FAQ

A Frequently Asked Questions page is a great way to answer all your potential customers’ most popular questions.  Save yourself answering the same old questions over and over again and boost your SEO at the same time with a FAQ page. Remember to update and maintain the questions and answers, by adding new ones every few months.

4) Testimonials

If your customers love you then promote it. Ensure all your potential customers can see all the positive things your existing customers have said about you. Keep these reviews up-to-date adding new ones as often as you can.

5) Update static content

Content on your homepage, services pages and about us page don’t need to be update regularly but that doesn’t mean you should forget about or ignore them altogether. Make sure you remember to check all static pages at least once a year to ensure the content is up-to-date and the best it can be.  


However, bear in mind that just writing content isn’t enough. SEO benefits will only come with quality writing. Content is all about quality

Luke Stanley